Student Corner

Student Corner

Student Council

Student Nurses Association : (SNA)


To develop the strong network of student nurses with an objectives of encouraging and cultivating leadership skill within SNA through membership (reflect on their services) render qualitative services ti the society.


A. In leadership, the network :

  • Takes an active role in the advancement of high quality health care for all.
  • Represents the interest of its member on the SNA state board and in SNA support activities.
  • Greats a forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge among in members
  • Leads the development of relevant national nursing policy in collaboration with TNAI and State SNA board.

B. In education network :

  • Promotes certification program.
  • Provides continuing education and professional development relevant to network.
  • Engages with student nurses to ensure the future of specialized knowledge and nursing practice.
  • SNA provides a platform to nursing students to strengthen knowledge and skill will reflect in rendering qualitative nursing services to the community and the world by and large.

C. In Policy and advocacy, the network :

  • Speaks out on issue related to nursing
  • Establishes strategic partnerships and alliances to strengthen the collective voice of nurses on key issue and policies.

Rules and Regulations of SNA :

  • Staff and office bearers will be on permanent basis and students representative will be elected every two yearly.
  • Vacancies in the offices will be filled by the president on faculty approved.
  • SNA general body meeting will be held quarterly, it may be planned or as and when needed.
  • Students representative once elected will be hold position for 2years. In case of misconduct of office bearer will be changed immediately on decision of the president and other office bearers.
  • SNA adviser will be accountable for maintaining all SNA records.
  • Treasure will be accountable for all kind of financial affairs.
  • It is mandatory for each and every students to be member of SNA.
  • SNA membership fees will be payable annually and amount will be decided by the president , which is subjected to change.

Activities of SNA :

A wide varieties of activities are encouraged at unit, zonal, state and national level for the SNA membership which include :

  • Organization of meeting and conference.
  • Maintenance of SNA diary and exhibitions.
  • Public speaking and writing project undertaking.
  • Propagation of Nursing profession and fund raising.
  • Socio-cultural and recreation activities.