Overview :

The following departments are actively engaged in the nursing institution. The department was established in accordance with the Indian Nursing Council's guidelines and core subjects. Each department is responsible for the teaching and learning activities of its respective subject. The department has a nursing laboratory that is fully furnished and outfitted in accordance with the Indian Nursing Council's requirements. Departments promote and encourage outstanding performance in research and publication, teaching and learning, and professional services to institute stack holders.

Department Of Adult Health Nursing


The Department of Adult Health Nursing will be accountable to

  • Acquaint the faculty and students with latest advances in the domain of medical surgical nursing

  • Prepare proficient nurses to meet the holistic and comprehensive needs of patients with varying medical surgical conditions

  • Promote the culture of departmental and collaborative research activities amongst faculty

  • Develop, implement, evaluate and modify guidelines for the provision of clinical teaching- learning in the field of medical surgical nursing

  • Appraise faculty & students’ activities in the field of medical surgical nursing

  • Ensure collaborative activities with other departments in the college and university



  • Organize workshops/faculty development programmes once a year

  • Participate in various professional activities such as being part of various professional organizations, participating in professional development programmes etc.

  • Prepare and implement guidelines related to clinical supervision and clinical teaching of students

  •  Observe various health related days and facilitate student participation in celebrating the health days as per academic calendar

  • Introduce innovative teaching methods to provide student centered learning experience

  • Revise teaching manuals related to medical surgical nursing as and when required

  • Ensure departmental/ collaborative research activities and publications at least one per year

  • Conduct scheduled departmental meetings three times in a year and as and when needed

  • Supervise and manage the activities of advanced nursing skill lab



  • Create a conducive learning environment, where the students can develop competency by practicing skills, which is supportive by nature

  • Equip the students with basic and advanced nursing skills necessary for managing adults with varying medical and surgical conditions

  • Aid in implementing standard safety precautions

  • Facilitate the students understanding and application of knowledge in caring for patients with restricted mobility

  • Ensure applications of scientific principles, while practicing basic and advanced nursing procedures

  • Promote the student’s skill and confidence in handling advanced equipment and supplies

  • Enable the students to set up and manage specialized medical/surgical units

  • Provide individualized training and give feedback for improvement

  • Provide the opportunity for repetition and reinforcement of various clinical skills

  • Promote hands-on learning experiences for the practice of essential clinical skills through providing simulation sessions

  • Ease student’s transition to an actual care setting



  • It is recommended to mention lab hours in the timetable or priorly inform to all the staff about lab hours

  • It is recommended to keep lab hours between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm

  • The lab utility register needs to be signed in and out whenever the lab is utilized

  • Maintain silence and discipline in the lab

  • Faculty and students should follow hospital policy regarding attire while using the lab

  • Students are allowed in the lab only under the supervision of faculty

  • Move manikins or manikin parts only under the guidance of the faculty

  • Review skills lab resource manuals or reference materials before using mannequins. Please do not remove it from the lab

  • Do not use betadine or lubricants on manikins. Use the lubricants supplied with the mannequins

  • Use mannequins only for specified procedures

  • Report any malfunctioning or damaged equipment to the concerned faculty before using it, or else students who were present in the lab will be held responsible for the damage

  • Report any loss or damage to articles or equipment to the concerned faculty member, or else students who were present in the lab will be held responsible for the damage

  • Keep all cabinets closed when not in use

  • No bags are allowed inside. Students can only carry notebooks or papers inside

  • No liquids, markers, pens, or betadine are permitted near the mannequins

  • Do not sit or lie on simulation lab beds. Use a chair or carpet to sit in the lab

  • It is the responsibility of all those who use the lab to keep equipment and the physical space clean during and after use

  • Faculty accompanying the students should ensure that all equipment, mannequins, and other items used are replaced properly

  • At the time of the practical examination, student representative with responsible faculty should approach the lab in charge for issue and return of the articles

  • Articles should be replaced within two days after the completion of the examination

  • At the time of exam priorly inform about the lab hours, so the viva table can be arranged accordingly

  • In the absence of a lab Incharge cupboard keys will be handed over to the subsequent in charge


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