Overview :

The institution has the following actively working departments. The department has been created as per the core subjects and following guideline of Indian Nursing Council. Each department deals with the teaching learning activities of respective subject. It has its own well equipped and furnished Nursing laboratory as per Indian Nursing Council's nomenclature. Each department comprises Head of department and Two supportive faculty. Departments do not have separate library.

Department Of Nursing Foundation


Functions of the Department:

  • The department deals with teaching-learning activities related to all the basic Nursing procedures.
  • Department will be responsible for the development and revision of teaching manuals related to nursing procedures
  • Department will be responsible to prepare and refine the evaluation criteria for respective procedures and clinical activities
  • Department will hold CNE at least once in two years.
  • Department will facilitate the students in celebration of health days related to basic nursing aspects.
  • Department will be accountable to maintain the inventory of the Nursing Foundation laboratory.
  • Department will hold a departmental meeting at least twice a year for the review of work.